Digital Marketing

Now that you have determined who you are targeting and how you want to speak with them, you are ready to start marketing to your customers.

Print media and advertisements still have a place in some marketing campaigns. Depending upon what type of campaign it is, that may even be the best method to use.

But digital advertising channels reign supreme for most purposes and demographics. 

Digital advertising is the quickest way to reach your customers. You can also see your results virtually in real time and get an idea of your ROI. Digital campaigns can produce very large ROIs for a company.

While it can get harder to track a precise number like that for other digital marketing types, as a whole, digital marketing produces a 118% ROI for a company.

In essence, that means if you spend $100 on a campaign you will generate $218 from your efforts, netting you $118 in profit. Traditional media just does not deliver those kinds of results.

To run a digital marketing campaign, these are digital branding services you will want to consider.

Digital Marketing Services

  • 1.Email marketing
    Email marketing offers an eye-popping ROI. In addition to ROI, email marketing campaigns have a 15-25% open rate. This is far above the click rate of digital ads. Create marketing campaigns with a CRM so you can use even more targeted emails.
  • 2.Social media marketing
    The sky’s the limit when it comes to social media marketing and what a business can do. You can conduct polls, cross-promote with other channels, share content, create branded hashtags, and so much more. These platforms are free or at a nominal cost, so you can expand your reach at a cost-effective price.
  • 3.Paid online advertising
    The digital world provides businesses with tons of free exposure through social media posts. But you can’t count on that alone. Luckily, online advertising is budget-friendly and has a very large reach. You can pick flat rate options or pay-per-click models for your ad buys. Digital ads can also be targeted to your ideal customer. These are great ways to expand your customer base. Google and Facebook have millions of daily users. You want to devise a plan that will get your ads in front of that many potential customers.
  • 4.Influencer marketing
    One of the newest trends in the digital world is influencer marketing. If your target market could be swayed by celebrity influencers, it is worth looking into as another avenue of lead generation.
  • 5.Content marketing strategy
    Content is still king, even in the digital world. Where people get confused is thinking that content is only words. Content covers everything, including pictures and videos. To make sure you aren’t just haphazardly posting content, develop a content marketing strategy. If you draw people to your channels, you have to provide them with quality content once they are there.
  • 6.SEO optimization
    SEO, aka search engine optimization, may seem like just another buzzy acronym, but this term holds a lot more weight than some may think. And it plays a big role in any digital strategy. There is more content on the web than a person could ever view. To get your content in front of the most people, you need to rank high with search engines like Google and Bing. Any content you produce needs to be optimized to help you rank as high as possible. Prepare a keyword strategy so those words can be used naturally throughout your content. Don’t forget to optimize your website as well!
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